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Tuesday, October 24

iTalkBB Service Plans

iTalkBB Service Plans

iTalkBB Global Unlimited Plan $24.99 a month
With iTalkBB Global Unlimited Plan you can make unlimited phone calls anytime to anywhere in US, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, plus more than 20 countries worldwide for only $24.99 a month.▲

Including unlimited free incoming calls from China to your assigned China Phone Number. Like the freedom of unlimited calling worldwide and receive unlimited calls from your friends and family in China for free? This is the best you can get for just $24.99!

Limited Time Offer: Buy 12 months and get 2 months for FREE!

Your choice of area code
Unlimited local and long distance calls to 20+ countries in the world
Unlimited incoming calls from China to your assigned China phone number
Free unlimited phone calls among global iTalkBB users
No additional tax and fees

Free Advanced Features:

China Phone Number
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
3-way Calling

▲ Including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City.
Except for US, Canada, China, Singapore and Hong Kong, calls to mobile phones in other countries are not included in this unlimited plan.


  • Beware that you not not be able to call any mobile numbers in China sue to bad sound quality or no conneciton at all.

    Also you will not be able to receive incoming calls for days or weeks after you sign up - they don't tell you until you find out and call their service number.

    Some people say it is the router or network connection. Not in my case. I have a 20/5 Mbps (20 mbps down and 5 Mbps up) connection on a fiber optic line and have set up QoS for the VOIP divice (hightest priority and >512 kbps reserved for VOIP).

    By Anonymous iTalkBB user, at 11:50 AM  

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